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Hot Deals From Dave's:
Valid 3/12/19 - 3/16/19

During Lent for 2019, Dave's Meats will feature some fresh seafood items every week.  Seafood will arrive Wednesday morning and be available that afternoon.  See below for this weeks catch!

Dave's will also have the very poplar Potato Crusted Cod on sale every week during lent!

And Don't Forget, Dave's Meats will have their Baked and Fried Fish on the Menu every Friday through Lent.  Our Macaroni & Cheese and Coleslaw will also be available!!  To guarantee your items and for faster pick ups please call in your order - (724) 898-3280.

 Seafood (Available Wed. Afternoon):
-Fresh North Atlantic, Wild Caught
Perch Fillets: $6.99/lb
-Fresh North Atlantic, Wild Caught
Haddock Fillets: $8.99/lb
-13/15 Peeled & Deveined Shrimp: $11.99/lb

From The Meat Room:
 -Potato Crusted Cod Fillets: $7.99/lb (Original Retail: $8.99/lb)
-All Natural Pork Tenderloins: $2.99/lb (Original Retail: $3.99/lb)
-Dave's Fresh Ground Chuck: $3.99/lb
(Original Retail: $4.79/lb)
-Hickory Smoked Bone-In, Center Cut
Pork Chops: $4.49/lb
(Original Retail: $5.49/lb)

From The Deli:
-Laubscher Swiss Cheese: $4.99/lb
(Original Retail: $5.99/lb)
-Pearl Valley Colby Jack Cheese: $3.79/lb
(Original Retail: $4.79/lb)
-Metro Deli Baked Ham (No Added Nitrites or Nitrates): $6.69/lb
(Original Retail: $7.69/lb)
-Hormel Top Round Corned Beef: $6.99/lb (Original Retail: $7.99/lb)







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