Welcome to Dave's Country Meats

Stock up for your Memorial Day Celebration Right Here at Dave's:

-Fresh Ground Chuck
-Fresh Ground Round
-Fresh Chuck Patties
-100% Black Angus Steaks: T-Bones, Porterhouse, Filets, Delmonicos ,
NY Strips and more
-Gerber's All Natural Chicken
-All Natural Pork Chops, Baby Back Ribs, Country Ribs and more.
-Store Made Beef Sticks, Bolognas, Beef Jerky, and Kolbassi
-Fresh Homemade Baked Beans and Salads including Macaroni, Potato, Coleslaw, Broccoli, Linguini and more.
-Fresh Baked Buns, Breads and Pies

Have a Very Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend! 




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