Welcome to Dave's Country Meats

Hot Deals at Dave's:
Valid: 1/17/17 - 1/21/17

From the Meat Department:
-Gerber's Bone-In Chicken Breasts: $2.29/lb
(Original Retail: $2.99/lb)

-Thinly Sliced Chipped Steaks (Perfect for Steak Sandwiches): $6.49/lb
(Original Retail: $7.49/lb)
-Smoked Center Cut Pork Chops: $4.49/lb
(Original Retail: $5.49/lb)

From the Deli:
-Pearl Valley Jumpin' Jack Cheese: $3.99/lb
(Original Retail: $4.99/lb)

-Biery 4 in 1 Cheese (Colby,
Cheddar, Monterey and Colby Jack 
in one slice): $6.19/lb
(Original Retail: $7.19/lb)

-Hormel Hard Salami: $6.89/lb
(Original Retail: $7.89/lb)
-Hormel Sandwich Pepperoni: $6.99/lb
(Original Retail: $7.99/lb)

Having a little get together to watch the game this weekend?  
Let Dave's get you started:

Hot Appetizers: 
Seasoned, B-B-Que or Hot Wings:
12 for $6.49
Chicken Tenders w/ BBQ Sauce:
12 for $12.49
Sweet & Sour Petite Meatballs:
12 for $4.99
Mini Pierogies: $5.99 lb

Dave's Deli and Snacking Trays
-Deli Sandwich Ring (15-18 Slices): $40.00
-Vegetable Tray served w/ Ranch: 
Small - $25.00
Large - $45.00 

-Smoked Snacking Tray:
Small - $30.00
Large - $55.00
-Cubed Cheese Tray w/ Dipping Mustard:
Small - $40.00
Large - $55.00




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